Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Belly to Baby

My Belly to Baby post has been updated!  I'm not sure what happened to some of the pictures from the beginning but I'll look into it.

Check it out!

Joey Alejandro


Jimmy and Joey's footprints on the wall at the Birth Center.  Joey's feet are much bigger, huh??

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Unintended Water Birth

*Disclaimer: This is a birth story and as such has birth story type details.  You've been warned.*

Friday, June 1st, we headed to the Birth Center for a blood pressure check.  We had been told the day before that I would be induced within 48 hours depending on how things looked Friday so we knew it was a possibility they would keep us but we still had in mind they might just have us come in Saturday morning too.

After a blood pressure check - it was still high - and an internal exam - I was 2-3 cm- I was put on the monitors to check the baby's heartrate and for any contractions.  I had a couple of light contractions while on the monitor and the baby looked great.  The midwife said she wanted us to talk to Beverly, the midwife on call for the day and she wasn't in yet. So we went downstairs to the waiting area of the large birthing suite to wait.

We had never seen the Birth Center so busy before.  They had a lady in labor in the downstairs room and a lady in the upstairs room and several different couples waiting to be seen!  We waited a good hour and a half and started wondering if they had forgotten about us since we were downstairs. I was also having a constant headache that wasn't going away even after taking tylenol so I was a little concerned about that too. We finally made it back upstairs when there was enough room for us to sit up there so we would be in their line of sight and they would remember us.

Around 11:30 Beverly came to talk to us and took my BP again and it was pretty high. Since I was having a headache she said she wasn't comfortable with me going home. She sent us back downstairs to wait.

We only waited about 10 minutes and when the lady using the downstairs birthing suite went out to walk with her husband Beverly had us come in to use the bed to check me again. She said I was a 3 and contemplated breaking my water right then. But I told her we hadn't brought anything with us to stay. So she sent Ricardo home to get all of our stuff and said she would break my water when he got back.