Thursday, August 30, 2012





He’s not calling me. Nope, he’s calling Daddy! I know he can say Daddy but I think he gets confused because they both have a “y” at the end. Sometimes just for fun I’ll tell him to give something to Daddy just to hear him say “MomMY!”. Daddy half the time ignores him because he doesn’t even realize Jimmy’s talking to him. I’m going to have to get it on camera one of these days.

He’s going to be TWO years old in 3 days. He’s growing and learning so fast these days that I find it nearly impossible to keep up with him. Sometimes I just look at “Mommy” in amazement and wonder when he learned whatever it is that he just said or did.  He's quickly leaving baby-hood behind.  Sweet boy!

"Mommy's" Boys!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Well, this video clip has PLENTY of words in it.  It's also Rated R.  I thought it was hilarious.

Oh The Horror-Mones!

Junk Drawer 8/22/2012

This is really a Junk Drawer post but I just felt like being dramatic with the title. Hormones. Lovely, lovely things they are. Actually I know they’re important but if you ever get the hormone cocktail off balance weird, scary, ugly, funny, terrible things can happen. Just think of the top 5 times your hormones seem to get all wacky and off kilter and you’ll know what I mean.

1. Puberty
2. PMS
3. Pregnancy
4. Menopause
5. Men’s Mid Life Crisis

Changing voices, hysterical laughing/crying jags, morning sickness/constipation, psycho-wife and toupees are only a few of the things that happen when you have too much or not enough hormones in your system…or the wrong mixture. When you get pregnant you know to expect some wacky hormones and boy do you run the gamut. Even if it doesn’t manifest emotionally you still experience so many exciting and sometimes weird physical changes. And most of us think that once you deliver the baby the hormonal crazy dance stops. To quote my Grandpa - “PSYCH!”

18-22 Years

I was sitting on the train yesterday reading my book and from time to time I would lift my head to think a little more deeply about something I had just read or to check out my surroundings. You can’t be too careful these days. At some point a young man with a bicycle got on the train and stood at the front of the car directly in my line of sight. He was a good looking young man – dark hair, tan skin, nice masculine face, somewhat tall and slightly muscular (probably from carrying the bicycle around). He looked to be somewhere between 18-22…I’m really bad at guessing “young” people’s ages these days. After seeing him in my line of sight for probably the 5th time I thought “I bet he was a fat baby”. LOL It just goes to show a mom’s world revolves around her babies.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

'Mano y 'Mano

Playing at the Dr's office
I sat Jimmy in his highchair in the kitchen the other day because Joey was asleep in Jimmy’s little chair and Jimmy was sleepy and fussy and whiney and I needed a place he could fall asleep comfortably. So he sat there watching me cook and clean and played with a couple of toys and ate some snacks. I noticed after awhile he was fiddling with his hands down under the tray – I figured he was playing with the straps – and then Joey started waking up and fussing/talking a little. Jimmy said “mano” and I looked over and he was still fiddling with his hands. I said “Yes! Hands! Manos!” He looked at me and I said “Where are your manos??” and he pointed at the living room. All of a sudden it dawned on me that he wasn’t saying “manos” he was saying “hermano”!!! He had heard Joey waking up and tried to tell me!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Most Precious"

Red Alert! Red Alert!  Blog Overload!!

At a minimum of 12 times a day I pass by Joey in his swing, in his bed or being held and I think "Oh my goodness he is the most precious..." and then I stop myself because I said that about Jimmy too.  I don't guess they can both be the Most precious baby I've ever seen.  But 4 minutes later I'll catch a glimpse of his wobbly head and little tongue sticking out and I'll think "He's got to be the most precious..."  Dang it!  It's hard having two little boys because I can't even diffrentiate and say "the most precious little boy I've ever seen"....they're both boys!  Anyway.  He's precious, just as precious as Jimmy was in his own Joey way.

I was fiddling with the settings on my phone/camera and took these.  Thought I'd share.  Isn't he the most precious...?

Than Too!

Jimmy said "than too”! Without even being prompted! I didn’t even know he knew how or when to say it. Friday Mercedes handed him a piece of bread from her plate and he said as plain as day “than too”!!!! We just stared at each other in shock! So we asked him to say it again and he did and he hasn’t stopped! He’s growing up so fast. But he still refuses, refuses, to say “please”.

Mamma: "Do you think Joey misses me during the day?"
Daddy: "Oh yeah, he does!"
Mamma: "I thought so."

And so it is...Joey can't tell us differently anyway.

Junk Drawer 8/14/2012

Not Again!

Yep…again and it probably won’t be the last time. I forgot to put on deodorant! And when its supposed to be 102 today that’s not the ideal thing to forget. It’s not the first time I’ve forgotten it either. Thankfully I’m stuck in my cubicle all day and I’m not required to interact with a lot of people face to face. So I guess I’ll only be offending my own nose.

It won’t be long…

….and I’ll be an aunt!! We still have approximately five weeks (give or take a few) to meet the little booger but it’s really starting to feel like his arrival is right on top of us. We went to the baby shower last weekend and we’re so close to Jimmy’s birthday that it all just feels like its about to happen anytime. What does Jimmy’s birthday have to do with it? Well Jimmy was due on exactly the same day Little Daniel is due! My gut feeling is that he’ll be born the week before he’s due but these little ones can be tricky…giving you signs they’re coming RIGHT NOW and then hang out for a week after the due date. Or make you think they’re never going to come on their own and then BAM they’re here.

Whenever he gets here I can’t wait to meet him and spoil him rotten the way my aunts spoil(ed) me.

P.S. I promise not to text/email/call Daniel and Stephanie every day asking about contractions, dilation, effacement or saying “anything happening yet??” Maybe every other day…but not every day!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oops I Did It Again....

I read a random blog post about chickens in Farmers Branch yesterday, a story for a different time, and really liked how this girl organized the topics in her blog. So I took the idea and applied it to my blog(s).

So far this year my little blog has been viewed almost 2,000 times. I have no idea WHO or HOW MANY people are viewing it. I’d almost be willing to believe Grannie V has personally viewed it 1,500 times herself! Can’t be sure though. 2,000 views in less than a year is a lot to me even if it’s not a lot to the rest of the world. But even without people to view it I still love my little blog; writing posts about pretty much whatever pops into my head, arranging the layout and apparently changing the title too.

Blog Labels
 I like having things categorized and easy to find…that’s why I created Jimmy’s Corner earlier this year. In my desire to simplify things I over-complicated them. It seemed like the answer at the time though. I’m leaving the Jimmy’s Corner blog and all of its posts open but I won’t be posting there anymore. It was too much work, too confusing and no one checked it out anyway. From now on I’m simply going to label each post with one of the following tags:
  • Family 
  • Jimmy 
  • Joey 
  • Junk Drawer 
  • Pregnancy: Jimmy 
  • Pregnancy: Joey 
  • Pure Random-ness
So if you want to read all of the posts about Jimmy all you have to do is look on the sidebar to the right and click on Jimmy. It will bring up all the posts that are about him. See isn’t that easier? If I add topics to my blog in the future I’ll just add another tag to the list.
I did it (reorganized) again and I'll probably do it again and again and....

Monday, August 6, 2012

Junk Drawer 8/6/2012

Q: Got Milk?


When I first went back to work after Jimmy was born I was able to pump enough milk for the bottles he would need the next day and a little extra in case some was spilled or he decided he wanted an extra bottle. At first I was getting the extra back at the end of the day but that didn’t last long…not even a couple of weeks. I started worrying that I wasn’t going to be able to pump enough to keep up with him. Weeks later we discovered the sitter was overfeeding him with every bottle. By that time though I had already gone through my meager stash in the freezer and I was never able to keep more than one or two bottles worth frozen after that. It was really stressful knowing that I HAD to pump enough for the next day because if I didn’t I didn’t have any or much extra to make up the difference.

Boy is it different with Joey! I feel like my milk supply is in overdrive and while I’m thankful it’s also causing a different kind of problem. Storage! I have room and can make more room in the freezer but I’m running out of containers to put the milk in. On top of that I’m using bottles for storage and now over half of my bottles are in the freezer and that’s causing a shortage of containers to pump into. I ordered Lansinoh storage bags that should be delivered tomorrow but over the weekend I ended up buying some because I had MORE milk that had to be frozen or it would go bad.

I have approximately 80 oz frozen right now and I usually have 5-10 more oz to freeze every evening!

Now if only the money would pour in the same way…

Heeeeyyyyy Margarita, Aye!

Oops I mean “Macarena”…no actually I mean margarita. Now you will all be humming The Macarena since no one can remember the words except for that line and I’ll even bet some of you bust out the dance moves too…you know just to see if you can remember them.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jimmy: 23 Months!

Kool-Aid on a hot day

 The “Big J” of the “J’s”. He’s 23 months today and that means he’ll be 2 years old in a month! Actually we’ve already been referring to him as 2 or almost 2 for awhile now. I don’t know when the magical cut off is when you stop referring to your children’s age as weeks or months but it feels like a mouthful to say "he’s 20 months" or "he’s 22 months now". Then you see the person’s eyes become unfocused as they do the math in their heads to figure out where that puts him in years. And if you're a little doubtful as to their abilities to arrive at the correct conclusion that he is almost 2 then you follow up the “22 months” with “almost 2”. So now I just skip the whole months thing (unless I’m talking to another mom with babies) and just say “he’s 2”.

Jimmy is so…so…well, he’s so many things. I just love that little boy so much and he makes me want to pull my hair out. Sometimes I want to just tell him “Stop! Stop being almost 2 for one minute!” cause he’s just driving me crazy with the whining and pointing and running and banging things on anything and everything. But mostly I just want to squish him and tell him “Please don’t grow up yet!”

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Joey: Two Months

 What makes you two months old? Is it achieving the 8 week mark or is it the same date as your birth date (e.g. the 1st)? Joey was 8 weeks last Friday but today is his 2 month birthday. It’s hard to believe it’s already been two months and it makes me cringe knowing every month from now on is going to blink by.

Where do I begin? There are so many things I want to say first. "He’s such a sweet boy." "He’s such a big boy." "He’s so strong and alert." "He’s a brown-eyed boy."