Pregnancy Journal - Lillianna Grace

These are just little snippets I've been writing each week and I thought I'd share them here for those that are interested.

First Trimester
Week 6

What a shock.

Pretty lingerie - $25 - $150
Contraceptives - $ covered by insurance
Not using either – Life Changing!

Walked around in a fog for a day. The fog cleared though and the future is sunny and bright...though we really need to win the lottery.


Week 7 ?


The Baby Center guide says I'm at Week 7 already so we'll go with that.

The fatigue is really setting in and so is the nausea. I'm usually famished at breakfast and lunch and feel really shaky until I get something to eat and then by the evening I'm just nauseous and although it helps to eat my appetite just disappears.

I threw up the first time last night and then just felt miserable. I'm crossing my fingers this only lasts a few more weeks.

I'm already more scatterbrained than normal too. The other day I finished rinsing my pump parts, dried them off and threw them in the trash! I didn't even realize it until when I was packing everything up I noticed I only had half the parts!

Week 8


I think I was technically 8 weeks yesterday. Thanksgiving is tomorrow - we were planning to tell my family at Christmas but I just don't think it's going to be possible to hide it that long. It's mostly bloat but its becoming obvious that something new is going on under my shirt.

So now I'm thinking that maybe we can have a family get together next weekend and make the announcement then.

I think we're comfortable enough with the viability that we've already started telling people. I just don't feel like keeping the secret that long this time. I'm exhausted already and I feel like I need the extra support from my family.

I'm thinking I'll have to tell my work soon too. I didn't have enough clothes to fit me to begin with but now that I'm bloating I also don't have any maternity clothes to wear either! So it's going to be pretty obvious soon to the people I see every day.


Week 9


Pretty much everyone knows now. I told my boss and co-workers yesterday. And my immediate family is coming to dinner Saturday where we'll make the announcement then. I just can't wait until Christmas with this one.

I also just drafted my blog announcement post and it's ready to go once we make the announcement to my family Saturday.

I'm still pretty fatigued and dealing with occasional nausea. My pelvic bones and hips feel like they are ALREADY spreading and stretching which is very uncomfortable. I think that happened around 18 weeks with Joey and even later with Jimmy.

Daddy is 100% certain again it's a boy (he called the last two so I'm inclined to believe him). I'm going with boy unless I find out differently.

I'm bloated and my regular pants are uncomfortable on my stomach. Of course I gave away all my maternity clothes so now I have to buy more. I found a couple of things at a Black Friday sale though so at least I have something to wear. I'm wearing maternity pants right now and they feel soo good.


Week 9


Week 10 - 12/5/12

We made the announcement to my family on Saturday and that went great. It ended up being pretty funny that Jimmy was watching a Dora episode that was about her becoming a big sister right before Mercedes made the announcement.

Since then I think some financial issues have caused me to be a little more stressed than usual and I've felt pretty down and overwhelmed by it all. My brother texted me on Sunday and said that he is praying for me and that this baby could end up changing the world. That was a good reminder to focus on the positive things and not dwell on the negative things. Especially not the ones I can't change right now.

The nausea is starting to fade some but the fatigue is still hanging around. I feel less bloated this week than I was last week but my regular clothes still feel uncomfortable.


Week 11 - 12/11/12

We've made a decision on where we're going to have this baby. After stressing out about finances and mentally avoiding the problem because I couldn't figure out how to solve it I started thinking about getting prenatal care and delivering at the tribal hospital. It would be 100% covered and I would only be out the inconvenience of having to travel once a month (until the end) for an appointment.

Once we made the decision and I made an appointment the burden that lifted off my shoulders was immense. We still have plenty of other things we have to think about but I find myself thinking about and planning for a baby. That's exciting. Maybe unexpected but exciting nonetheless. Who will he look like - who's coloring will he have - what's his name - is he a he?

I still have moments of extreme fatigue but that's slowly going away and the nausea is almost completely gone. I still get bloated some but for the most part there is nothing happening that says "YOU'RE PREGNANT!"

I'm looking forward to my first appointment - three more weeks - where we'll hopefully get to hear his heartbeat and maybe get to see the little bean.


Week 12 Day 3

Here is my 12 week picture. It's still mostly blubber but it does look bigger to me when I look down my torso. I asked Ricardo the other day if that's how I normally look or if it's because I'm pregnant and he said it's how I normally look. Then Mercedes said no you look pregnant and Ricardo said I was probably just bloated. THANKS!

No symptoms really except fatigue, no libido and I'm probably more irritable. All of those things can be blamed on other things though so who knows if its really pregnancy symptoms or not.

I did feel my uterus ( ) the other night so that was reassuring but I'm looking forward to getting a blood draw tomorrow and hopefully getting results next week.


Week 13 Day 2

Christmas was awesome this year. It was the first year Jimmy knew more about what was going on. He still doesn't understand about "Christmas" or "Santa" but he knows PRESENTS! Christmas as a parent is so much fun now seeing it through his eyes.

I had to cancel my appointment Friday for a pregnancy test because I got really sick. I rescheduled it for today and then forgot so I had to reschedule it again. Ugh! I'm really cutting it close. The appointment is Monday the 31st at 8:30. Since I'll be going to the Dr on the 3rd I'm just going to do the POAS test and forgo the blood draw. I'm hoping I can convince the Dr or midwife to do an u/s on the 3rd so that should really help with my niggling paranoia.

My bump really is different this time around. The picture is the difference between sucking it in and letting it out.

ETA: Sunday morning I was able to feel my uterus lying in bed with no problems. I even pushed Daddy's fingers into my abdomen and he could feel it too.

Second Trimester

Week 14 Day 4

Pregnancy for me has always been a hurry up and wait experience. At times it flies and then it drags. This third time is no exception! It was flying, then around 10 weeks it slowed way down. Now we're at 14 weeks and thinking about my 18 week appointment coming up in 4 weeks and realizing I'll be pretty much half way through my pregnancy is just flabbergasting! I'm sure it will drag again though at some point.

I had my first appointment yesterday and it went exactly the way I wanted it too. I met with a midwife, had an u/s, had all the first appointment testing done and I'm feeling much better about the pregnancy and my choice to birth at the hospital.

I've had some waffling this week on wondering if it really is a boy or not because it doesn't seem like Daddy is as convinced it's a boy this time as he did the last two times. But after seeing the u/s I've somehow convinced myself it's another boy. Probably because seeing them on the screen at this size is so familiar now and I'm just used to them being boys. LOL I'll probably end up being shocked if it is a girl.

Week 14 Day 6

This will for all intents and purposes be my 15 week post and picture. LOL 15 weeks tomorrow!

So I think my symptoms are pretty much out the door when you think of the ones like fatigue and nausea/puking. But in the last week or two my gag reflex has been incredibly sensitive. You know where the tooth brush makes you gag? Only just thinking about brushing my teeth makes me almost throw up. You know how when you cough really hard you almost throw up? Well I've had this really light cough (almost sounds fake) and every stinking time I cough I almost puke. I hope this doesn't hang around much longer.

I was 15 weeks pregnant to the day when I felt Joey move the first time. I'll be 15 weeks tomorrow of course but I haven't felt anything from this baby. I'll be really interested to see which brother this baby favors more as far as how big he is. I was just looking at week 15 with Joey and I feel like I was bigger then than I am now. What do you think?

(Week 15 with Joey is darker and a different angle but I still think I was bigger)

Week 16 Day 2

I just love how saggy my boobs look in these belly pics. :total sarcasm: And I firmly believe maternity shirts can make anyone look pregnant whether they are or not.

The last two days I wore the same pair of pants. Sue me! I've been sick, the boys are sick and until yesterday there were zero clean clothes in the house. Except for the pants I wore Monday and Tuesday. And guess what. They weren't maternity pants. !!!!!!!!!! WTH?? 16 weeks and I can still wear those? With my last two pregnancies I couldn't wear these particular pants after the 13 week mark. Granted the waist band is pretty tight but they still button! I can feel my uterus but I think either this baby is a lot smaller than Joey or I'll carry this one very different than the last two. So don't let this weeks picture fool you. I'm really not as "big" as I look with this shirt on.

I felt the baby move the day after I hit 15 weeks. So he may be little but he's strong! I don't feel him all day or even every day but I've felt him move several times since then. I think having two little ones distracts me from what I'm feeling though so a lot of times when it sinks in what I just felt a minute or two has already passed.

Besides being sick I don't really have a lot of pregnancy symptoms going on. Looking forward to my next appointment! Hoping the next two weeks fly by.


Week 16 Day 6

Man, I can't seem to help myself - I'm posting a day early for 17 weeks. I think that once Monday hits and I'm gearing up for the new week I start thinking about another week of pregnancy and although it doesn't happen technically until tomorrow I figure "what's one day??" LOL

Something random happened to me this morning. I have some sinus issues going on right now and a cough that seems to be getting better. But I had to walk pretty briskly this morning in the cold air for a relatively short distance into work. I normally get dropped off at my office door on the shuttle but I caught the wrong one this morning. Anyway, I got in and was trying to log in and I felt like I was going to cough and started gagging instead. I ended up throwing up twice. It was so weird. I felt perfectly fine, no nausea or anything - just randomly threw up!

I'm so bummed that I have to wait longer for the anatomy scan - really just cause I want to know what we're having. I said I wasn't going to do this this time but again I can't help myself. I find myself hoping it's a girl. Because I'd love a girl and because I would dearly love to prove Daddy and Mercedes wrong. If they're right a THIRD time I'll never hear the end of it.

I did have a thought though the other day. They're sending me to Imaging to have the anatomy scan done but they have machines in the women's clinic too. I'm hoping I can sweet talk/con my way into getting a quick look just for gender at my next appointment. It will all depend on the midwife and how busy they are I'm sure but that would be so awesome. FX!

So I still feel like I'm not really pregnant. I rarely feel the baby move, I don't feel very big and it really just almost feels like a non-event right now. Except for thinking about what I can and can't do since I'm pregnant - no ibuprofen, no drinking, careful about lifting too much...ect...that's the only way my life is different right now.

So here's my "17 week" picture and comparison pic.


Week 18 Day 2

Well for once I held of posting until after the week changed.

I'm getting bigger slowly but surely and I feel the baby move a little more now. Not so much in how often but in how strong the kicks are.

I've been noticing I have some acne. I didn't have that with the other two. Another sign pointing to girl?? Hmmmm....

Here's my picture. Have to keep this short and sweet now.


Week 19

:Sigh: I’m sitting here bored at work and just feel like yammering to someone but I can’t be online much anymore. I’m also having an Outlook problem that causes it to restart every few minutes and I just lost almost a whole post that I was typing! I’m using my phone so much more now these days so my battery practically stays dead. So annoying!

I think my belly is finally starting to make a real appearance. It’s been mostly baby fat left over from Joey up to this point but now its starting to get a little firmer. I was already taking bare belly shots last time but I just can’t bring myself to do that yet this time around. Maybe in a few more weeks I’ll feel better about it.

I haven’t checked my BP yet since I’ve been home so I’m planning to do that tonight when I get home. I’ll be curious to see what it is at home.

10 more days until the anatomy scan. I really can’t wait. We’ve run into an unexpected financial pit though so maybe I’ll be distracted by trying to keep us afloat for the next ten days. LOL The 15th is payday for both of us as well. We have the possibility for some extra income to come in so I’m crossing my fingers that it works out for us. It always does work out right?

I feel the baby moving and kicking more these days. I can still lay on my belly and that’s my favorite way to lay so I can feel the kicks ever better.

I can’t believe Joey will be 1 in 4 months and I’ll have another baby in 5 months. I think (hope) it’s going to fly!

*note – all of this time I’ve been feeling like my belly has been small but in this weeks comparison picture it actually seems bigger with this pregnancy.*

*another note – love my holey shirt? LOL It’s been with me through THREE pregnancies and I’ve worn it in between too!*

Week 20

I know you probably won’t believe me when you see the picture posted but my bump is tiny. What you’re seeing in the picture is baby fat. Baby fat left over from Jimmy and Joey. I know it is because I wore a pair of non-maternity jeans yesterday that I couldn’t wear with Jimmy and Joey past about 15 weeks and I zipped and buttoned them. !!!! They were snug but not too tight. I had a NICE muffin top going but besides being kind of unattractive they weren’t even uncomfortable! All of that points to a much smaller uterus than my bump is proclaiming.

I wore an oversized t-shirt and if you saw me you might think I had a nice spare tire going but you’d never think I was pregnant much less 20 weeks pregnant (almost)! Now this might be common for first babies but I never expected it with my THIRD, especially when I couldn’t wear these pants with the last two.

We even went out to eat for Mexican food and I ate so much and my pants still felt okay.

I’ve been pretty tired at night for the past several weeks but other than that I haven’t had any real majorly annoying symptoms. I feel the baby tap and kick more often but still can’t feel it on the outside.

I’m trying to reschedule my anatomy scan and OB visit for the 20th. FX they can both get me in that day.

ETA: I checked my BP Saturday after doing a little cleaning and laundry and it was 114/71. Go figure.

* pic 1 comparison pic between bonus baby and Joey.*


Week 21 Day 3

I think my boobs are finally getting bigger. After Joey refused to nurse anymore they sort of deflated and pregnancy wasn’t seeming to affect them in any way. I figured I’d have to wait for my milk to come in one last time to have rock star boobs again. Lets face it nothing compares to new milk boobs – not even pregnancy boobs. But the girls are finally perking up again and spilling out of the bra that barely fit two pregnancies ago.

In other pregnancy related news I think I’m more irritable these days. I have MUCH less patience for Jimmy’s whining these days and even Joey is joining the temper tantrum party. Plus stupid stuff irritates me to no end. It doesn’t help that I know it’s stupid – I’m still irritated.

I can’t wait to find out what this baby is but I’m not so anxious anymore. I think it’s kind of like being hungry. You’re hungry, then you’re starving and then after awhile the hunger pains go away and you forget you still haven’t eaten. I think the closer I get to the actual appointment the more excited and anxious I’ll get and start trying to plan some gender reveal idea. We’re busy at work though and the boys are getting sick again and there’s just too much on my mind and plate to devote a lot of time to thinking about still not knowing the gender.

My belly is starting to get bigger and weirdly enough I don’t feel like I’m carrying higher than the last two so its weird to me that I can still wear some of my pre-pregnancy clothes. My belly this time around is so different than the last two. The biggest reason is that while it looks round and like a uterus bump it’s still really mushy to the touch. I can literally grab a handful of skin/fat off the roundest part of my belly. I imagine if I went on a tv show and sat down on camera someone might accuse me of having a fake baby bump cause it’d probably look like it deflates too.

So that’s week 21 with Bonus Baby.


Week 22 Day 2

I had to think for a minute what day I’m on now. This week has felt like an eternity already. My dad had heart surgery two week ago and was moved to a “rehab” place because he needs IV antibiotics. That place was apparently created in the bowels of hell. We’re getting him out of there today and just taking him home where home health will come and administer the antibiotics and care for him. It’s been scary the way they’ve NOT taken care of him and how his health has been affected in just a few short days. The bad thing is my mom was trying to handle this all by herself and I didn’t know any of this until yesterday.

6 more days until we find out what Bonus Baby is! I’m officially in the Girl camp. Of course on the way to the appointment I’ll probably go back and forth but for some reason I’m pretty sure it’s a girl. Could just be wishful thinking…we’ll see!

I’m still irritable these days but it’s not been over the top and I try to manage it but sometimes I snap at Jimmy when he’s being particularly onery.

Its amazing to me how different, in real life,  my belly is this time around. It’s a noticeable bump now but my uterus still feels so small. I could probably measure myself but I don’t really think it’s about measurements. It could be that I have so much extra flubber this time around that it just makes my uterus seem a lot smaller in comparison. I’m not sure. But when I lay down all of my “bump” spreads out and my actual bump pops up and it’s really little.

I haven’t taken my BP at all. Well, once several weeks ago and it was 114/71 and that was the last time. I hope they’re not mad at me for not keeping a log like they requested. My SIL still has the BP cuff that she borrowed from my mom when she was pregnant and I haven’t gotten it from her yet. I just can’t picture driving to wal mart or the grocery store just to check my BP. I imagine trying to do it while grocery shopping would make it higher than normal, especially if I have the boys with me. Anyway, hopefully they’ll give me another chance to keep that log.

Here is a comparison picture of 22 weeks with Joey and Bonus Baby. It’s shirts and skins and I know it’s hard to really compare but which looks bigger or do they look the same to you?


Week 24 – Lilly

There it is. Lilly. It’s a girl, it’s really a girl. I knew it was a girl and it was. I laid there while the u/s tech checked her out and took measurements. It was a different experience for us because there was no big monitor at the end of the bed for us to view. I had to crane my head up and to the side to get a look. And the tech was pretty much silent the whole time. With our last two the tech (same one for both pregnancies) would point out what she was looking out and measuring and make comments about how the baby was moving or acting. And as soon as she saw the gender she told us. This girl (she seemed so young) was so intent on her job and told us several times she would show us pictures at the end. So we just watched and speculated about what we thought we were looking at, and we were right a lot of the time.

The whole time I was laying there trying to prepare myself for when she said ‘It’s a boy’ and I just couldn’t imagine it. I was watching the images roll around and only felt “she” when I saw her. Then she finally said “It’s a girl”. There wasn’t a huge rush of excitement or tears of joy. It was just like she was telling me something I already knew, like “water is wet”. No sh*t. I did slap Ricardo’s leg and say I knew it and he smiled really big and said he wasn’t surprised since everyone kept saying it was a girl. Even having felt confident that it was a girl I still don’t think it’s settled in yet. I’m surrounded by boys and boyish things and every now and then the realization that it’s actually a girl creeps up on me and I’m kind of surprised again. Maybe once I get to shop for some girly clothes and get rid of the clothes the boys can’t wear anymore it will sink in more.

We did the gender reveal with my family Friday night and they all loved the scratch off cards. Only my mom and brother thought it was a boy. My mom said she only said boy because she was afraid to hope for a girl. I put the gender reveal cards in the mail today for the rest of my family and then we can all finally talk about little Lilly.

I’m terrified that because it’s a girl they’ll want to throw me another shower. How embarrassing! I haven’t had a chance to talk to my mom but I need to tell her that I don’t want another shower. That if people want to send gifts that’s fine but I don’t want them to feel obligated because we’re inviting them to my THIRD shower. I think we are planning to have another diaper party for Daddy but we’ll only ask for diapers at that party, not baby gifts.

In other pregnancy news my blood pressure seems to be doing great, I’m still irritable and get tired easily but nothing really major. My feet haven’t really even swollen much. Only once or twice have I had mild swelling but that’s been a few weeks ago.

The time has slowed down some though and I’m hoping that when we hit the busy season at work in a few weeks it will speed up again. I have a garage sale this weekend, a diaper party to plan and Joey’s 1st birthday in 2.5 months. Little goals along the way help the time to move quicker.


Week 24 Day 4

I think I have some slight insomnia. I lay down in bed at night drained and my eyes droop and then one of two things happens. Just as I’m about to fall sound asleep (or maybe just fell asleep) Joey stirs and fusses or something pops into my head and I wake up. For the past four nights I don’t think I’ve gotten much sleep. I don’t know how much exactly because I do sleep here and there but I feel like I’m awake most of the night. Last night Joey woke up every two hours – I’m afraid that means his ear infection isn’t completely gone even though the meds are done.


My hair finally decided to stop falling out around 8.5 months postpartum. Now new hairs are growing, which is great but now I have little hairs standing on end around my face. I can’t get them to lay down! I know they’re just short and it will get better as they grow out but man they’re annoying!

My boobs are finally getting bigger – not perkier – but fuller. It’s taken awhile but while they aren’t looking up they’re not looking down quite as much either.

My belly seems to have grown quite a bit overnight or over a few nights. I already have half of an outie belly button and I feel heavier and I’ve noticed I waddle just a little bit more.

My feet and legs have started swelling some. The left one always goes first. It usually starts with my left ankle and then my foot and then later in the pregnancy my leg. But this time it’s my left ankle and leg. My foot is swollen but not as much as it normally is before my leg swells.

I’m also craving chocolate. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Chocolate milk is the awesome-st right now. I could drink a gallon of it! I’ve also been craving croissants.


Week 25

Took Joey to the Dr for a sick visit today with everything crossed that he didn’t have another ear infection. And he doesn’t! But he is cutting 5 teeth simultaneously and he does have a little fluid in his ears but not infection. So she prescribed me ear numbing drops and told me to give him Ibuprofen before bed to help him sleep better. Poor little guy! AND he’s 26 lbs and 8 oz!

Baby Lilly is starting to move a lot more these days. I think she’s right in the middle - movement wise – between Jimmy and Joey. Jimmy was very active and Joey was so chill. The extra cushion on my belly still bothers me because I can feel that I’m having a Braxton hicks contraction but when I feel my belly with my hand I can’t really feel the contraction unless I’m laying down. I feel like I have to push IN a lot to be able to feel the baby unless I’m either laying down or feeling really low down where there isn’t as much padding. I told myself today though that maybe it will help me not get a bunch of extra stretch marks this time. LOL

On the flip side I feel like my face is thinner than it has been in awhile. I tried to take a picture because I felt like my makeup and hair actually looked decent today and I ended up looking like a sad puppy dog but I’m posting it anyway. It will make me laugh down the road when I look back on this.

My SIL commented at the gender reveal “party” that she felt strongly that it was a girl because I’ve been more prissy and girly this time. I have felt more feminine and have started wearing more makeup, fixing my hair and making an effort overall to look nicer. But I honestly don’t attribute that to this pregnancy. I think all of that coincided with signing up with Avon. Now I’m looking at beauty products and catalogs all the time and have a lot more inspiration to try. I also feel a little ridiculous trying to sell makeup when I look like what the dog just drug in.

15 more weeks, give or take a few. 3.5 more months. Garage sale is over and did great – next is Easter and Mother’s Day. Then planning a diaper party – then a 1st birthday party. Then our 6th anniversary and then BABY LILLY. It’s going to fly!

I posted a blog yesterday about not wanting to go overboard on pink and posted examples of cute, girly clothes that weren’t pink. Then last night I opened my blog and saw the girl clothes and dresses on the front page and it took me by surprise – even though I posted them myself! – because it’s been about boys so long that girly things just look strange on there to me.


I was thinking about something the other day that I wanted to put in this week’s post and now I can’t remember what it was. Figures.

I do remember thinking last night that I’m now:

11 Weeks from 37 weeks (when I gave birth the last two times)
7 Paychecks, 3 Months from my due date

My brain is shutting down as I type this. I can’t think of anything I wanted to say. So I’m going to stop before I go into a coma.

One last comment – my picture this week makes me (not my belly) look like I gained a ton of weight since last week. But I think it’s the shirt. The black one from last week is form fitting and this weeks is gathered in the back. Just had to get that out there.

If I remember what I wanted to say I’ll post again.


Week 27

Holy Cow! I’m in Week 27! When and how did that happen? Last week of the 2nd trimester! I’m excited this pregnancy is really starting to move faster and I’m not nervous (yet) about a new baby and not being prepared. I don’t know if that’s because I don’t have time to dwell on it or if it’s just part of it being my 3rd time and already having plenty of “baby” stuff and knowing she won’t need much.

We’re starting our busy season Monday – an annual campaign that is known to be chaotic and hectic – and I love it. It’s one of my favorite times of the year believe it or not and I love that it happens to fall on the first 6 weeks of my 3rd trimester. Those six weeks should FLY. I’m counting on that anyway. By the time this campaign is over I’ll have about 2.5 weeks to put the finishing touches on Joey’s 1st birthday party and then a month before my due date after that. I’ve decided not to stress about in-laws until it gets closer to the time that they might come – if they even come and stay with us.

I remember what I wanted to say last week finally. I’m getting a bunch of new skin tags and they are so so so so so so so annoying. I hate them. Two are on the side of my neck and I can feel two or three more coming up. Plus I’m getting these little cherry angiomas everywhere. I think the skin tags are definitely from the pregnancy. The cherry angiomas (just recently learned their name) I’ve gotten for years but I think the increased frequency that they’re popping up is due to the pregnancy too. I think I’m going to try to have the skin tags removed (with some other ugly moles) once Lilly is born. That way I can get all of the new ones that pop up. They’re so ugly and I can’t stop messing with them.

This weeks pic and a comparison pic with Joey.

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