Tuesday, December 11, 2012

11 Weeks

We've made a decision on where we're going to have this baby. After stressing out about finances and mentally avoiding the problem because I couldn't figure out how to solve it I started thinking about getting prenatal care and delivering at the Chickasaw hospital. It would be 100% covered and I would only be out the inconvenience of having to travel once a month (until the end) for an appointment.

Once we made the decision and I made an appointment the burden that lifted off my shoulders was immense. We still have plenty of other things we have to think about but I find myself thinking about and planning for a baby. That's exciting. Maybe unexpected but exciting nonetheless.

Who will he look like - who's coloring will he have - what's his name - is he a he?

I still have moments of extreme fatigue but that's slowly going away and the nausea is almost completely gone. I still get bloated some but for the most part there is nothing happening that says "YOU'RE PREGNANT!"

I'm looking forward to my first appointment - three more weeks - where we'll hopefully get to hear his heartbeat and maybe get to see the little bean.

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