Friday, December 28, 2012

Junk Drawer 12/28/2012


I do most of my blog posting at work.  I know, shame shame!  But for some reason I’m not able to access my blog from work anymore.  It hasn’t been blocked but the site just won’t pull up.  So I’m improvising.  I’m trying a feature I haven’t tried before where you email your blog post and it publishes it.

I’m a little unsure of how it’s going to look when it’s published because I won’t be able to edit it before posting it so this will be the test run.

Will it do pictures?

This is a picture I’ve tried and tried to post on Instagram and I can’t because of the stupid cropping feature on Instagram and it cuts some of the text off.  So can I email it to my blogspot and have it published?  Let’s see…


Christmas was so much fun but that will have to be a separate blog post.  I am sending out the call for Christmas pictures from those that were there.  I don’t have many since I was playing Santa.  So if you have pictures of my kids or pictures of anyone else that you don’t mind being posted please send them to me.

Testing 1,2,3

Okay, let’s see how this works.

Update - 1/2/2013
I was finally able to log on today so I edited this post and re-posted it.

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