Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pregnancy #3 - Catching Up

End of Week 6 - 11/14/2012

What a shock.

Pretty lingerie: $25 - $150
Contraceptives: $0 - covered by insurance
Not using either: Life Changing!

Walked around in a fog for a day. The fog cleared though and the future is sunny and bright...though we really need to win the lottery.


Week 7 - 11/16/2012

The Baby Center guide says I'm at Week 7 already so we'll go with that.

The fatigue is really setting in and so is the nausea. I'm usually famished at breakfast and lunch and feel really shaky until I get something to eat and then by the evening I'm just nauseous and although it helps to eat my appetite just disappears.

I threw up the first time last night and then just felt miserable. I'm crossing my fingers this only lasts a few more weeks.

I'm already more scatterbrained than normal too. The other day I finished rinsing my pump parts, dried them off and threw them in the trash! I didn't even realize it until when I was packing everything up I noticed I only had half the parts!


Week 8
- 11/21/2012

I think I was technically 8 weeks yesterday. Thanksgiving is tomorrow - we were planning to tell my family at Christmas but I just don't think it's going to be possible to hide it that long. It's mostly bloat but its becoming obvious that something new is going on under my shirt.

So now I'm thinking that maybe we can have a family get together next weekend and make the announcement then.

I think we're comfortable enough with the viability that we've already started telling people. I just don't feel like keeping the secret that long this time.

I'm thinking I'll have to tell my work soon too. I didn't have enough clothes to fit me to begin with but now that I'm bloating I also don't have any maternity clothes to wear either! So it's going to be pretty obvious soon to the people I see every day.


Week 9 - 11/27/2012

Pretty much everyone knows now. I told my boss and co-workers yesterday. And my immediate family is coming to dinner Saturday where we'll make the announcement then. I just can't wait until Christmas with this one.

I also just drafted my blog announcement post and it's ready to go once we make the announcement to my family Saturday.

I'm still pretty fatigued and dealing with occasional nausea. My pelvic bones and hips feel like they are ALREADY spreading and stretching which is very uncomfortable. I think that happened around 18 weeks with Joey and even later with Jimmy.

Ricardo is 100% certain again it's a boy (he called the last two so I'm inclined to believe him). I'm going with boy until I see proof it's a girl.

I'm bloated and my regular pants are uncomfortable on my stomach. Of course I gave away all my maternity clothes so now I have to buy more. I found a couple of things at a Black Friday sale though so at least I have something to wear. I'm wearing maternity pants right now and they feel soo good.

5.5 Months Post Partum and 9 Weeks Pregnant!
Can you say "Bloated"??

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