Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Joey is Six Months!

Well, he’s been six months for almost 2 weeks now but I’m just now getting around to posting about his six month appointment.

The Dr congratulated me on our happy surprise 2.5 weeks ago when I took Joey in for a sick visit (HFMD). She assured me that it was highly unlikely that I would get it and transfer it to the baby and then said she was happy and excited for us because we make “pretty babies”. So there you have it…a DOCTOR said that we make pretty babies. It’s official.

At that visit they weighed Joey in his diaper and socks and he weighed 21lbs. The next week when we went back for his six month check up he was weighed properly in his birthday suit. Then he was measured, but not in his birthday suit which is also proper. Here are the results:

21 lbs 4 oz
27 inches

Just to put it in perspective I believe Jimmy is somewhere around 25 lbs and 34 inches.

The Dr deemed him perfect, gave some advice on formula and solids, said he might not be interested in rolling over just yet because he’s a big boy and that sitting without support is more of a 7 month thing. I told her apparently it’s a 5.5 month thing for him because he sits great without support.

That night after his appointment we followed the Dr’s advice on formula and gave him a 6 oz bottle every four hours. Wonder of wonders for the next three nights he slept between 6-8 hours a night! Last night was NOT like that but here’s hoping last night was the exception.

We’re also starting to incorporate more solids into his daily diet. And here’s another way that Jimmy and Joey differ dramatically. Jimmy was and is super serious about food and has been from the beginning. From his first bite of mashed avocado at almost 5 months to now he’s meticulous about eating. Not saying he was never messy but those messes were few and far between and far from intentional on his part. Joey? Not so!

I fed him a little bowl of Oatmeal w/ Banana cereal Sunday and he would get so excited every time the spoon came towards him and he’d open his little mouth with a huge smile. When the food was actually deposited in his mouth he’d grimace while gumming it and sorta swallowing. Every THIRD bite or so he’d “blow bubbles” as soon as the spoon passed his lips. The whole spoonful of cereal ended up in his hair, in his ears, up his nose and on me! And then he just smiles and waits excitedly for another bite. Joejy! (What Jimmy has called Joey up until this week)

And what’s up with the grimace? I don’t think it means he doesn’t like it because he’s made that face with every type of solid we’ve given him. I think it’s a texture thing. But I’m adding a HAZMAT suit to my Christmas list. Joey is way too enthusiastic about his food.

Sorry folks!  No pictures this time but hopefully I'll have a bunch of really great ones soon.

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