Saturday, December 1, 2012

Setting the Stage

Let me set it up for you.

Monday morning - 3:00 am
I’m exhausted for no other apparent reason other than I have a 5 ½ month old that still wakes up 3 times a night to eat. Not only am I exhausted from waking up but Joey seems to be very dissatisfied with breastfeeding. I’d noticed a dip in supply recently which usually accompanies Aunt Flo’s monthly visit so I assumed his increasing fussiness at the breast was because he wasn’t getting as much as he is normally used too.

I’ve been stressing over this supply dip among 10 million other things that have landed on our plates to stress about recently. Since stress is a well known culprit in delaying Aunt Flo’s visit I lay there thinking about how to relieve my stress so that she can show up and my supply can resume it’s normal overabundance and Joey can be happy again. Not only will he get enough but he won’t fuss as much and I actually sleep while he’s nursing. I’d pretty much do anything to get more sleep at this point.

3:15 am
Maybe I can take a pregnancy test and trick my body into doing what it’s supposed to do. That’s always helped before. It never fails - Aunt Flo is late (breastfeeding messing with my cycles), I freak out that I’m pregnant, I test, Aunt Flo shows up the next day - because I stopped stressing that I’m pregnant.

Nah, I’ll wait until it’s time to get up.

Now that I’m thinking about testing I can’t stop thinking about testing.

Now I’m really freaking myself out.

Oh God! What if I really am pregnant??

Aunt Flo will show up. I’m never testing again. If I’m pregnant I don’t want to know.

Oh crap.

3:30 am
I can’t help myself. Joey is finally asleep but I’m obviously not going to get anymore sleep until I know one way or another.

Thankfully I have to pee.

I do the pee-pee dance while searching for my pregnancy tests under the sink.

The instructions say wait 5 minutes for the results.

Peeing on the stick.

BAM! Less than 5 seconds – 2 lines!

And God laughed.

Happy Surprise!
Baby #3 Arriving July, 2013

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