Wednesday, May 30, 2012

37 Weeks!!

Whew!  We made it to 37 weeks (yesterday)!!  My appointment was moved to tomorrow morning at 9.  I'm trying to make sure I'm prepared in case they decide to induce me tomorrow.  Sometimes I feel sure that I know whats going to happen at my appointment and then other times I feel like I really have no idea and that it really could go any number of ways.  But I'd like to be prepared for an immediate "Baby Joey Evacuation" in case thats the way it plays out.

This time I have to have me and Daddy ready, Jimmy ready and everything ready to bring Joey home.  So here is the short list of things I need to do this afternoon.

- Buy Depends
- Buy 2 cans of frozen OJ
- Buy snacks
- Finish rice socks
- Download menus from the two restaurants near the Birth Center
- Pack Birth Center bag
- Figure out what I'm wearing home.
- Pack Jimmy's bag
- Pack Joey's diaper bag
- Get carseat ready and installed
- Wash all the newborn clothes
- Clean out the refrigerator
- Charge camera battery
- Clear all the pictures off the camera for maximum picture capacity

I think I should be about 75% ready to go after I finish that list.  Really though I'm mainly concerning myself with going to the store and getting that out of the way in middle of the day when Jimmy is at the sitters and everyone is at work.  After that I'll have help to finish the rest.  If I come home from my appointment tomorrow with no plans for immediate "Baby Joey Evacuation" thats okay...but at least I'll be 50% ready when it is time.  Or 40%.

It's storming this morning and you all know how much I love the rain and storms.  I wish it would storm more often...without losing electricity.  We were watching Part 2 of the Hatfield & McCoy mini series last night when the electricity went off after a brief flickering of the lamps. It came back on pretty quickly but I lit a candle just in case it happened again.  Then we had to wait about 10 minutes for the satelite to reboot and literally just as it was 99% done the electricity went off again!  GRR!  Thankfully it came on again after a few minutes and for some reason it didn't take as long for the satelite to reboot that time so we were able to finish Part 2 and go to bed before the electricty went out again.  If it did go out again I had no clue...I was sleeping soundly!  Well, as soundly as you can when you're 37 weeks pregnant and have bad hip pain and acid reflux that feels like hell fire and brimstone in your throat and ears.

No big update on Joey except that he's still moving a lot and I can feel a definite foot/heel pushing out a lot now.  And sometimes he punches me in the bladder so hard that I actually yelp in pain.  Not very nice of him!

I would love to post a 38 week post but I guess we'll just play it by ear.  Here is his 37 week picture:

Joey at 37 Weeks - Swiss Chard -  I don't know what that even is!

And Mamma:

Mamma @ Week 37

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