Friday, May 4, 2012

Junk Drawer - 05/04/2012

Mas Hormones

I haven’t had a purely hormonal based cry in quite awhile. Crying yesterday because I found out that I’m only getting basically ½ my pay while on bed rest and maternity leave instead of 100% like I thought doesn’t count. That was legitimate. It’s Friday, I drove to work listening to the best morning show in the world, eating my honey bun…what on earth is there to cry about? When you’re 33 weeks pregnant it could just about anything.

I was head bobbing and car dancing to Flush the Format. The line up this morning (not in order and probably not complete) looked something like this:

- Pitbull
- Madonna
- Kriss Kross
- Beastie Boys
- Nelly Furtado
- Karmin
- R Kelly
- Shaggy
- Chris Brown
- And some other people I can’t remember or didn’t recognize

So which one of them made me cry?? Karmin! What?? I felt so stupid eating my honey bun, speeding down I-35 crying listening to this:

Oh and then they played this:

Love this lady!


My son doesn’t know what “milk” is. He turned 20 months old two days ago and he doesn’t understand “milk”!! We’ve always called it “leche” so he has absolutely no idea what “milk” means.

“Jimmy, do you want some milk?” - blank stare

“Jimmy, quieres leche?”“uh, uh, uh!!” pointing at the refrigerator frantically

Work, Work, Work

It’s crazy here at work. There is so much to do. Stacks of forms are pouring out of our ears. It has made the last two weeks fly by though. I can’t believe I’m almost to 34 weeks. That’s 4 weeks from when Jimmy was born!! That’s another reason I’m hoping to put off bed rest because the longer I can work in this craziness the faster the end will go. I also just really enjoy this time of year here though. It’s chaotic and crazy and stresses everyone out but something about it appeals to me and I look forward to it every year.

Speaking of work…I better get back to it.

I'll just leave you with a clip of my new favorite show:


  1. bahahahahah! I am in tears over this blog. I wish you were on camera crying to that song and eating a honey bun. Too funny! Them some wild hormones you got runnin' through ye child! ;)

  2. I'm so glad I'm NOT! LOL I think my body saves them up for awhile and then spews them out in the most random bizarre crying fits I've ever had! LOL


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