Friday, May 18, 2012

Junk Drawer 5/18/2012

Last Day
Well, it’s my last day at’s a half day but still the last day I’ll be here, writing on this computer, working so hard every day (snort) making the days fly by. Now I’ll be at home, being a stay at home mom, resting all day, making lists of things I won’t do, making budgets that I won’t stick to, cleaning, cooking, I mean resting, washing baby clothes, watching all the shows I’ve recorded, recording some more, probably writing 20 blog posts a day, shopping online for things I can’t possibly afford, organizing electronic files and folders on my computer, obsessively checking my blood pressure, wondering when Joey will get here…and on and on.

I’m physically ready for the break, even the half days I’ve been working are almost too much for me to do now. But I’ll miss the distraction of having somewhere to go every day, something to do to make the time pass and of course I’ll definitely miss the money that comes with working. I’m definitely not ready financially for the break. But these things have a way of working out and I’m planning to just go with the flow…and praying to win the lottery.


You know I started this blog as a way to update everyone on the “goings-on” with Jimmy and cute pictures and videos so that everyone near and far could still feel a part of his life. I’ve noticed that it’s evolved into more a blog about the goings on with me during my pregnancy…especially since I split Jimmy’s blog off into its own spot. Now that I’m close to the end of the pregnancy and I’ll have two babies I’ll be making a decision on what this blog will focus on. My main goal is still to keep everyone updated on the babies and what they’re up to with a splash of myself thrown in. So as you read the rest of this little section take comfort in knowing you won’t have to read this kind of stuff about me for much longer!

It’s amazing what the miracle of pregnancy, aka creating a new life/human being, does to your body. Just amazing. And sort of unbelievable at times. Not only does it transform your body visually but it makes your body act in ways you would have never expected or imagined in 100 years. Maybe even 200 years. It keeps you completely off balance for the simple reason that most of these changes and weird side effects are not consistent in the slightest.

I’ve gotten myself used to that little trickle of pee that happens at random times that has me rushing to the nearest toilet, bush, bucket that I can find…I call that “peeing myself”. Ha! The other day I felt that little trickle that comes with NO warning whatsoever and hurried to the bathroom and emptied my bladder. What a relief! Or so I thought. I stood up, pulled up those lovely maternity pants and promptly peed myself…for real this time. What on earth?? I JUST peed…like literally JUST peed. How does that even happen? I definitely wasn’t planning on mopping the bathroom floor that day…pregnancy has a way of changing your to-do list randomly like that.

I don’t want you to think pregnancy only affects what happens to you in the bathroom…there are so many, many things it changes and affects…but somehow the things that it causes to happen to you in the bathroom can have such a profound or even traumatic effect on you. Probably because it’s so inconsistent and just plain weird. First you don’t go at all, then you’re in there holding onto the towel rack practicing pushing out a real baby and trying not to alarm the house (or stranger in the next stall) with your agonized squeals of pain. Then you’ll be happily regular for approximately 2.5 days and then something else completely unpredictable will happen and on and on. I think probably the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced in 32 years, poop wise, happened to me yesterday. Truly bizarre. Maybe this happens to you all the time but let me assure you I’ve never had this happen to me. I’ve been amazingly regular for going on a week now, almost down to the same time every day. That’s not the bizarre thing. So yesterday around that time I felt the familiar rumblings and grabbed my phone to go play Words With Friends in the bathroom. I won’t go into too much detail to spare all of you queasy, weak stomached folks the gory details. I’ll just say that after a very quick turnaround time I happened to notice that pregnancy has apparently turned me into a COW. No joke. There in the toilet bowl, nestled in toilet paper was a very fresh cow patty. I was simultaneously fascinated and grossed out. I feel like something that lives in a barn most days, waddling around the barnyard but now I POOP like one too??

Pregnant Pepper

Last Day Update

To wrap up this very junky Junk Drawer post I’ll up date you on the Last Day change that happened in the middle of this post. I was offered some work to do at home next week if the midwife will approve it. So I’ll find out when I go to my blood pressure check today if that’s something that they will approve. One more week of work, that would be nice.

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