Friday, May 25, 2012

Baby Shower

Here we are over a month after the baby shower Mom and Stephanie threw for me and I still haven't written about it!  I swore to myself that the minute I was put on bed rest I was going to write about it but I guess I swore to myself that I would do a bunch of other stuff you know I've been "resting" and slowly crossing off that invisible list in my head. 

I felt a little guilty that I was getting another shower so soon after having my first baby especially when the second one is a boy too!  But Mom seemed to really want to throw one and I have to admit I thought it would be fun to have a "celebration" for Joey whether I got a lot of stuff or not.

I was so exited to find out that my good friend Jill was planning to come to the shower too.  I was thankful to not be itching miserably this time but I still didn't feel great so the hospitality was lacking somewhat...ehh, who am I kidding?  Thats just a handy excuse!  ;-)  We all really enjoyed her visit though.

It turned out to be a really beautiful day for an outdoors shower.  The guys were invited to this one too and it was just really laid back and a fun get together with delicious food, a couple of fun games and LOTS of presents.  I was really surprised...I wasn't expecting so much!

I did my best to take pictures but I don't think I did it all justice.

Carrie & Stephanie

Joey's Big Brother

Great Grandpa Webb, Stephanie and Grannie

oodles of things...

...and oodles and oodles....

...oodooldie doodledie...

Changing Pad!  Yea!

And the BIG surprise...a double stroller!!

And this has nothing to do with the baby shower except that when I was putting everything away I stopped to compare Joey's diaper with Jimmy's.  What a difference!

Little Diapers

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