Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Week 35 - Oh Honey...Do Get Here Already!

Oh how I love thee Week 35...let me count the ways.  For one it's now only 5 weeks from my due date, 3 weeks from when Jimmy was born, 2 weeks from "full term" and 1 week from when the birth center will be able to legally accept me for delivery and not one day before.  I think thats enough counting for now.

I had an appointment today and fully expected to be put on bed rest after being put on a restricted work schedule last week.  I got what I expected more or less.  She's letting me work through Friday and that will be my last day at work. At least my next check will basically be a "normal" check.  So two more half days and I'll be done with work and here at home focusing all my attention on all the things I've yet to do to prepare for little Joey's arrival...ahem...I mean resting.

Lets see there is some more squeamish stuff I have to report if the guys want to avert their eyes for the next couple of sentences...or not.  I had my Group B Strep swab today and she also did a cervical check and found, to my delight, that my cervix is shortening and softening and I'm at a "good 1...almost a 2".  So thats encouraging.  Even if I don't go into labor on my own being dilated will help significantly with an induction.

I'll be sent next week for another ultrasound but the midwife is guessing based on how the baby feels that he'll outweigh Jimmy and that he's probably already at 6 lbs!  Lets if we hit 38 weeks that puts him at about 7.5 lbs give or take some ounces.  Not bad!

Little Joey is definitely bigger now than Jimmy was...I can just feel it.  He's heavier and bigger...I feel a lot more stretched these days.  The baby websites are saying he should be about 5.25 lbs but he's definitely got that beat!  So Week 35 is represented by a honeydew melon but it would have to be a pretty big one!

Joey at Week 35
Here I am in all my stretched out glory!

Mamma @ Week 35

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  1. Oh goodness! 5 weeks seems like REALLY long time but at least it looks like you are all baby!


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