Monday, April 9, 2012

Junk Drawer – 04/09/2012

English Assignment

Today’s assignment: Jot down as many descriptive words that you can think of for Mucus Plug (Chunks of Mucus Plug can be substituted)

1. Disgusting
2. Fascinating
3. Slimy
4. Present
5. Snotty
6. Exciting
7. Unexpected (is that descriptive?)
8. Stringy
9. Stretchy
10. Party Ice-Breaker Topic

#10 was a stretch but maybe my creativity will get my bonus points.

Blog Name

I changed my blog name several times today. Right now it’s Pepper-y Pregnancy. I expect that to change again…just FYI.


I never took a Week 29 photo. So in its spot on my Belly to Baby page it shows this comparison pic:

Week 29 Comparison...sorta

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