Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Week 29 - and 1 Day

I’m one day late posting and I’d like to say I did it intentionally in order to report on today’s findings at my midwife appointment. I didn’t do it intentionally though – I just got busy and forgot. Not only was I busy but unbeknownst to me while I was busy death was on a twisting trail pointed straight at my location. Thankfully, in my blissfully unaware state “death” split approximately 6-12 times and went around me. Not only was my life spared but so far so was everyone elses in the DFW area. In case you don’t watch the news I’m talking about the severe storms and tornadoes that hit DFW yesterday. It did a lot of damage but from what I understand there was only minor injuries and no deaths! Amazing!

So here we are – 29 Week and 1 Day. And still no picture. Good news on the phone front – Sprint finally has a system update that is supposed to solve all of the issues that all of us LG Optimus owners have been facing for over 6 months. They promised to have it rolled out to everyone by the 21st. So maybe by then it will be easier to take pictures and post them. I’ll take one this week at some point…just not promising that I’ll remember or have time to post it right away.

I did have a midwife appointment today. I got there 30 minutes early because I misread the time of the appointment. Then they were running 45 minutes behind. So I waited 1 hour and 15 minutes to be seen. I won and lost lots of Solitaire games on my phone in that time frame.

Since I’m running out of time I’ll just tell you the basics.

I didn’t gain or lose any weight since my last appointment. Baby is measuring at 28 weeks (which is perfectly normal) and he is firmly head down. Heard his heartbeat but she forgot to tell me the heart rate so I can’t report that. According to the midwife I have a cute baby belly that I should be taking pictures of. I told her I take lots.

She is concerned about my blood pressure and wants to check it again in a few days. She said I’m borderline hypertensive and that if my labs come back abnormal or my pressure numbers go up I’ll probably have to go on bed rest. So I have a plan and pray that I’ll stick to it and that I won’t have to go on bed rest and that my numbers will stay level.

The Nino is approximately the weight of a Butternut Squash this week (2.5 lbs). Which happens to be Jimmy’s favorite squash.

Week 29

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