Thursday, April 12, 2012

Week 30

Here I am...late again.  I have a feeling this will start to be a recurring theme as things heat up here at work.  We're on our last week of "taking it easy" and next week should start the beginning of non-stop work and not enough time to do it in.  I'm hoping to get some (lots) of overtime! 

I've been looking forward to this busy period for a couple of reasons.  One because I actually like this campaign and the controlled chaos it brings.  And two because it makes the time fly and I know the next 5-6 weeks will go by in a flash.  At which point I'll be pretty much full term!  And of course the possiblity of mucho overtime is really nice too.

I was so excited to get the system update on my phone on Tuesday...the day I reached 30 weeks.  My phone really does work much better now but for some reason it's still giving me problems with the sd card and camera.  So I didn't take a 30 week picture yet either.  Not an official one'll see what I mean later.

The Nino is moving and grooving in his warm little cocoon. He's still really laid back but as he grows his little kicks and rolls are stronger.  It's hard to explain the way it feels to someone thats never experienced it.  Each stage feels so different too.  At the beginning its almost like a little bubble or flutter and is easily mistaken as gas bubbles.  Then they get a little stronger and more unmistakable but still soft and feathery.  Then stronger.  Then comes the day you feel a hard spot on your belly pushing out and you push it back and you know you're touching a foot.  But then towards the end its even more indescribable - if you think about it you have an almost full term baby inside of you.  You have another human being inside of you.  Not like you didn't all along but now it resembles the babies in the nurseries!  And as you can imagine when they roll around, stretch, kick, play and punch its not soft, bubbly, fluttery or's still sweet for sure...but more insistent and hard.  Thats the way its starting to feel.  When I lean on my desk he pushes against it and it's uncomfortable to me to continue leaning there.  Jimmy did the exact same thing by the way.

I get to have another sonogram in a couple of weeks due to the hypertension issues I'm having.  I love seeing him but I would gladly wait the 6 or 7 more weeks to see him in real life if I didn't have to deal with blood pressure stuff.

I had another blood pressure check appointment yesterday and I'm still borderline hypertensive.  The midwife seems to think I'm moving towards bed rest but I'm hoping and praying I can work up until it's time to have him.  I'm starting to accept though that whatever will be okay.

So here's a picture of what The Nino looks like at Week 30.  Okay, he doesn't look like a head of cabbage but he's supposed to be as long as it or as heavy as one....something.  I just like posting pictures of fruits and veggies.  I wonder what the picture is for Week 40....a watermelon?

Week 30!

This isn't my official baby belly pic and really not even a great pic of me at all.  BUT it will give you an idea of what I sorta look like right now.  I don't have many pictures of me taken since I'm the one usually taking the pictures but I wanted one of me holding Jimmy while cooking since it happens a lot and I wanted to be able to remember it.  So here we are cooking scrambled eggs Monday night.

Mamma & Jimmy Cooking

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