Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Junk Drawer – 4/18/2012

Found some time in the busy-ness to stuff some more stuff in the junk drawer of my life.


I’ve been craving ice for weeks now. I’ve been told throughout my life that it signals a need for more iron. I prefer crunching ice to crunching greens so I’ll just stick with the ice for now. Also, I can count it on my daily water intake…double score.

I’m not sure if you knew this or not but there is good ice and there is bad ice. Okay, really I can’t think of any bad ice but I certainly do have a preference. You know the ice in the freezer that has the frost on it? I love that stuff. Mmmm! I don’t know why but it tastes so good or something. Also, here at work there are two different kinds of ice in the ice maker. The fresh stuff and the old stuff. I prefer the fresh stuff….its easier to crunch…and it has a great texture. This is what it looks like.

Good Ice!
See the texture??

I’m going to be an UNCLE!!!

We got to celebrate with Daniel, Stephanie and Emma last Friday after finding out that their Little One on the way is not only healthy, happy and growing but is a very definite Baby Boy!! Woo Hoo! I admit I had myself psyched out that it was going to be a girl and that I was going to have so much fun buying all the girly stuff my boys won’t want. But when I heard it was a boy I was just excited about my babies having a boy cousin so close in age to grow up with. I’m also excited that I’ll get to clean my “baby” closet out to give them our hand-me downs.

I’m so excited to meet Little Thomas Daniel II approximately 5 months from today!


Speaking of celebrating I just wanted to mention that apparently the best way for a group of Native Americans, Mexicans, Italians, Puerto Ricans and White people to celebrate joyous gender announcement news is to eat Chinese food.

It sure was delicious though and my little ½ Mexican, 1/16 Native American and the rest White little boy really enjoyed the Chinese cuisine as well. Lets see he had sautéed potatoes, chicken , fruit and jello. You know…all the well known Chinese dishes.

Red Green

Our hot water heater went out two days ago. Fortunately my good friend Jill is married to Red Green. His always reliable advice was to have a Hanes T-Shirt and Duct Tape on hand for repairs. Unfortunately it’s inoperable and we need a transplant. Soooooo in the meantime we’re showering out of a bucket and washing greasy dishes with cold water. Kinda like camping in the privacy of our own home and no lake out back.

Oh and Red Green’s wife is supposed to come visit us this weekend. I hope she’s okay with roughing it.


I have to stop myself now otherwise I would keep stuffing more stuff in the junk drawer and I just don’t have time. Those are the highlights though. Except once I publish this I’ll think of something else I really should have mentioned. I know I’m forgetting something important.

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