Thursday, April 5, 2012


I’m getting really excited about my nursery and having two babies in it. When I was pregnant with Jimmy just having things to put in a nursery and a baby to go with it was exciting enough that it didn’t bother me that I didn’t have the time or resources to really decorate it. Now that I’ve had that baby for 19 months now I’ve stocked up on lots of baby essentials. So with this pregnancy I don’t have to focus so much time, mental energy and money on acquiring baby stuff all over again.

Sure, there are still things I need and want that I didn’t get last time or things that I want The Nino to have his own of. But those things aren’t pressing and lately my mind and creativity has been honing in on the nursery. “The Boy’s Nursery” Eeeeeek! I’m not changing color schemes or themes so I don’t need to re-paint the room or anything drastic. I just need to set it up to function efficiently for two boys and an office. Tall order, huh?

I spent about 5 hours a couple of weeks ago re-arranging, reorganizing and cleaning the nursery/office. We were blessed with a very gently used dresser that will work perfectly for two babies. It’s also the right height that I can add a changing pad to the top of it and have a diaper changing station right there! I added a basket that will hold Newborn sized diapers and another basket with Size 5 diapers (that sadly are already looking too small). Now all I need is the changing pad.

I had some simple ideas of what I wanted to do to add character to the nursery and really make it “The Boy’s” room. Last week I went shopping with 2 Angels after arming ourselves with a list of measurements and the simple ideas.

The Simple Ideas.

New Window Blinds.

Drop Cloth Curtains – hung on decorative rods close to the ceiling for added height.

All I needed was the drop cloths, the rods and to check prices of blinds.

Then we found this fabric.

The Perfect Fabric

It’s even prettier in person. And it’s pretty much perfect. For me. For the nursery. For the environment. I’m just guessing on that last one. The colors in the nursery were a gender neutral sage green and browns. When we found out the last baby would also be a boy I was able to incorporate blues into the color scheme. This fabric has dots of green, blue and chocolate brown. DOTS! I love dots!

The combined creative juices of the three of us started overflowing and we came up with so many ideas of things we could use this fabric on. After a pretty hilarious debate on how many yards we would actually need for the ideas that were no longer simple and an even funnier tutorial on how to measure a yard with your nose (something like that) – this Angel decided to buy the fabric for me!

Angel Stephanie - Can you see her halo?
 After a long but enjoyable day of shopping and creating this Angel took all of the ideas and materials home with her and in less than 24 hours had started and completed the projects.

Grannie Angel - Bright Halo!
The New Ideas.

Drop Cloth Curtains – now with a decorative trim of the perfect fabric - hung on decorative rods close to the ceiling for added height.

Re-covering the lamp shade that just didn’t work for the nursery.

Sound simple? Ha! I was already anticipating issues with the simple drop cloth curtain project with Stitch Witch. There is no way anything more complicated was going to happen in my hands!

We have a few more things we want to do to finish the nursery off that include but aren’t limited to – hanging the decorative rods, the tiebacks and the curtains. Making a wall hanging with The Nino’s name.

I’ll add After pictures when it’s all done. Until then here are the Curtains (folded) and the finished Lampshade.

Can't Wait to See Them Hanging!

Even More Beautiful In Person!

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