Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Week 31

Wow! I’m busier today than I have been up to this point and I’m still managing to post this on time. I think I stepped into some kind of time warp-y thing or something.

Excuse me a moment…I need to visit the ladies room.

Okay, I’m back.

31 weeks. 9 weeks away from my due date but I’m pretty certain I won’t make it until then. If I made it just 6 more weeks he would be born somewhere around Memorial day weekend-ish. 7 more weeks he would be born on his Daddy’s birthday. Wouldn’t that be something?? 8 more weeks and he would be born on our 5 year anniversary. . . Lots of fun times to pick from!

I have a normal appointment today in about an hour. We’ll schedule another sono for sometime next week – standard procedure for borderline hypertensive people apparently- and of course they’ll check my blood pressure. I feel fine…tired…but fine. So I guess I’ll update you guys with what I find out later. Hopefully bed rest is not a necessity and if it is hopefully its not for awhile.

As part of the normal procedure at my normal appointments I have to pee on a stick that detects any protein and glucose and then weigh myself when I first arrive. That means I have to down a lot of water before I go to make sure that I have something to pee when I get there. Since the birth center is only 3 blocks from my office I walk…and that means about ¼ of the way there my bladder feels up to capacity and I have to walk the rest of the way trying not to pee myself. And it hurts.

The Nino is a good baby. He just hangs out quietly and occasionally goes a little crazy stretching and kicking. He’s probably trying to get practice defending himself against a well-meaning big brother that loves just a little too hard sometimes. I can’t wait to meet him! (the little brother - not the big brother)

This weeks fruit picture is a little different – it’s not 1 but 4 navel oranges. Heheh “navel” – my navel doesn’t exist anymore. He’s about 16 inches long and about 3.3 lbs…which is what 4 navel oranges is supposed to represent apparently.

The Nino at Week 31

And this is me. I had to take quick advantage of my phone’s camera while it was actually working so there is no bare belly picture this week…I don’t think anyone minds, do you? It’s funny that I snapped all three of these pics right in a row but somehow they all make my belly look a little different. I also won’t have a comparison picture until week 34 and then the very last one will be week 35. I did add last week’s belly picture to my Belly to Baby page so you can see that one if you really want to.

Mamma @ Week 31

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