Friday, April 27, 2012

Junk Drawer – 4/27/2012


I have a lot to be thankful for. Besides the things that we all take for granted every day like Family, Friends, Home, Having a Job, Food…etc…there are things I am thankful for that I haven’t really stopped to acknowledge and focus on. Sometimes its so easy to focus on the things that I’m not so thankful for that I completely miss out on recognizing the things I should be thankful for.

I’m thankful that I’m almost to week 33 and I haven’t developed PUPPPs. Right about now with Jimmy I was a itchy, miserable mess. If I do get it down the line at least I have some experience with it and know what works and what doesn’t but I don’t have it and hopefully I won’t get it. Once was enough!

I’m thankful for hiccups. Not the ones that I get that annoy the heck outta me but the ones The Nino gets that causes these sweet little rhythmic jumps ever so often. Nothing like in-utero hiccups to help you connect with that little bundle you haven’t met yet.

I’m thankful for ultrasounds. I got to see The Nino yesterday and even though it wasn’t a 3D ultrasound I was still able to make out a lot of his face and could almost get an idea of what he looks like. He had his hand up by his chin and while we watched he moved his hand to his mouth like he was going to suck on it. So cute!

I’m thankful for foot massages. I’m not thankful for all this ugly, uncomfortable swelling in my feet and legs but having someone in my life that gives me foot massages to help reduce the swelling is really a wonderful thing that I shouldn’t take for granted. He even puts my socks on for me.

I’m not going to jinx myself and say I’m thankful I haven’t gotten any new stretch marks because I still have 6-8 more weeks to go but I COULD be thankful for that if I wanted to be.

I’m thankful that even though the midwives are calling me borderline hypertensive I still have managed to avoid bed rest and that The Nino is healthy and growing normally. Forget that 3 ¾ lbs I posted about the other day…the ultrasound estimate was 5 lbs! That means I’ll have a good 8 lb baby…at least. Big boy! (okay, okay, 8 lbs is still average but compared to 6 lbs…that’s a beast!)

I’m thankful for flip flops. ‘Nuff said.

And I saved the best for last...

I'm thankful that our 2nd son and Jimmy's brother is on his way.  He's worth all the swollen feet, hemorrhoids and heartburn in the world.  (not that I really want any of that...ya know?)

Not Thankful

To balance out the scale I’ll tell you what I’m not thankful for:

Sausage Toes
Heartburn from the pits of Gehenna
Toddler Puke
Water Heaters that crap out one year after the warranty expires
Chipped Red Fingernail Polish

Could be worse, huh?

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