Monday, February 13, 2012

Exsquash Me, Papaya You Say?? - Week 22

It’s funny how different pregnancy websites compare your precious unborn to completely different fruit and vegetables on the exact same week.

The website that I’ve been checking mostly says The Nińo is as long as a spaghetti squash this week. First of all, before Jimmy I never knew this colorful world of exotic squash existed. There is more than one type of squash?? Second of all, after viewing a picture of this spaghetti squash you must keep in mind you’re looking at the length of it…not the hugeness of the spaghetti squash overall. Even though my belly probably has enough inches to accommodate 2 or more spaghetti squash(es?) I’m quite sure that The Nińo can’t possibly be THAT big…yet. Supposedly, the average spaghetti squash is 11 inches and weighs in at about 1 lub (that’s how I pronounce “lb.”). Take a gander at this giant:

Week 22
On a completely different website The Nińo is compared to a Papaya which sounds MUCH more appetizing to me. Not a big squash fan. Now, if there is a secret papaya world out there with more than one type of papaya I’ve yet to discover it…and I’m not planning an expedition to uncover it either (you have to read that as “i-ther”). Their graphic is even cooler with info printed right on it! The only thing that I see that they have in common is color…and the last I checked this baby will be either white or brown…so disregard the yellow.

Way cooler graphic

Tuesday can be a kind of inconvenient day to officially change weeks so please forgive me that I’m posting a day early. I’m bored.

On a new note - Daddy was finally able to really feel The Nińo kicking last night.  He is moving around a lot more than he was.  Or at least I'm feeling him more but it still doesn't seem like he moves as much as Jimmy did.  I'll definitely be interested to see what his personality turns out to be.

I was thinking last night while I was holding Jimmy and unsuccessfully trying to get him to go to sleep that when this one is born he'll not only know my voice and daddy's voice but he'll already know his big brothers voice too.  I just hope Jimmy doesn't give him "love pats" in the same slapping style he gives my belly. 

Here is me…comparison pic next week!!  I couldn't figure out how to give myself an electronic tan so I just went with good old b&w.

Mamma @ Week 22 (ish)

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