Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Going Bananas!! - Week 20

Halfway there! Yesterday was the actual halfway mark but I had already posted so much that I didn’t want everyone to tune out. So today is officially 20 weeks and 2 days! So a little more than halfway there!! Yeeeeeeee!!!

I have a little banana in my womb this week. It’s really hard to figure out why my waistline is now measuring 42 inches when all that I have in there basically equals a banana!! I wish I would have measured my waist at regular intervals all along but really I would have just been measuring bloat and not baby. Not saying that a banana and 42 inches doesn’t equal a little bit of bloat in there somewhere but you know what I mean. The really great thing is that I’ve only gained 1 inch!!! Just kidding!! Or am I???

At the ultrasound last week (19 weeks) the tech/sonographer/radiologist person said that our little boy was about 11 ounces. The book says that at 20 weeks he should be about 10.5 ounces….soooo maybe THAT’S why I’m 42 inches. And he’s about as long as a banana (or maybe he’s longer)…can’t be too sure.

Week 20
I’m feeling him move around a little more now and you can feel him on the outside a little more and I swear I saw my belly move last night. But now that I think about it -----it happened right after I lugged my 42 inch waist into bed and I was still out of breath and panting a little from carrying that thing around. Maybe it wasn’t the baby after all. Hmph!

Anyway, that’s the 20 week story: I’m not sleeping well at night, no weird pregnancy cravings right now, feeling the baby move more and I have a 42 inch waist.

Week 20 - - 42 inches!!
Belly and ultrasound pics posted here.

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