Thursday, February 23, 2012

Junk Drawer - 2/23/2012

A Flash of Cankle

Back in the day when women wore dresses that covered them from chin to heel a little accidental flash of ankle (or maybe purposeful depending on the girl) was enough to send a man into a swoon and provoke passionate declarations of love and devotion. Or so I’ve heard.

I wore denim capris yesterday and I’m wearing white capris today – because the weather is so dang beautiful. If the nice weather holds I may turn all of my maternity pants into intentional capris so I don’t have to be embarrassed about accidental highwaters. I digress. Needless to say I’m offering more than a flash of ankle in my capris but since the swelling has finally set in – in my left foot only – the flash of cankle I’m offering has not and more than likely will not provoke any passionate declarations of love or devotion.

I’m okay with that.

Would you like a mop with that lasagna?

I slaved over the frozen lasagna I put in the oven last night. When you’re 23 weeks pregnant with one swollen cankle slaving equals cutting a 2 inch vent in the cover and putting the tray in a 350 oven for 50-60 minutes. At the end of the set time I slid a sheet of frozen garlic bread in under the lasagna, grabbed two potholders, slid the lasagna out and somewhere between the oven and the counter ----SPLAT!!----a new dish was created. Lasagna a la Floor.

I just stood there for a few seconds and stared not sure if I should cry, curse or serve up dinner. I didn’t do two of them. It took two of us to clean up the mess from the floor and the walls. Then I grabbed my purse and ran to Cesar’s Tacos for a new dinner…that was NOT in the budget.

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