Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Ojitos" (vid)

“Ojos” is Spanish for “eyes”“Ojitos” isn’t a real word but more like slang for “little eyes”. Or in other words squinting. Ojitos is something Jimmy has learned to do and it’s the cutest thing ever. He does it when you ask him to and sometimes he does it without being asked. He does it when he thinks something is funny, when he’s giving you a huge grin, when he’s in trouble, when you wink at him…

He’s also learning to bat his eyes…adorable!

Here’s a few pictures of him squinting…or his ojitos.


Blue Eyes

Jimmy sits behind me in the truck and I got tired of craning around the head rest to get to him or see him so I finally just took it off. The seat looks weird but I like it. The car seat is a really great place to get pictures and videos of him because he’s stuck in one place…that’s why I have so many of him in it. Here’s a little
video of a sleepy Jimmy and his ojitos.

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