Wednesday, February 15, 2012

La Esquina de Jimmy (Jimmy's Corner)

“No one puts Baby in a corner!”
And now a new segment devoted to my firstborn son (as if a blog named after him isn’t enough).

*On a side note the name of the blog may change at a later date but I must wait upon the fickle whims of Ms. Inspiration.

His brother has a weekly post written about his progress, changes and growth. So I thought it might be fun to have a space that’s just for Jimmy. After hearing a random Dirty Dancing quote yesterday and then going home and playfully discussing with his Daddy which corner in our house would be a good one for Jimmy to stand in when he needs to - this segment was conceived.

There is no set format for these posts except that they will be about Jimmy. They may or may not include pictures and videos. Jimmy does something insanely cute, hilarious or terribly aggravating on a daily basis but the amount of times those things are caught on tape are almost non-existent. I may also have outside contributors if someone has a particularly funny or poignant story to tell about their time with my son…especially if they can provide proof in the form of pictures and/or video.

So to kick this first post off I share with you pictures AND a video!

Nappy in his reclining rocking chair...

...his sippy cup and blanket right where he threw them
Bundled up in his car seat...
...with a Jimmy sized grin.
A conversation and a little introspection in the car.

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