Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Week 24 Is A Little Corny

The weather has been really nice here lately which I love and hate simultaneously. It’s February people! I want it to be cold, gray, overcast, snowy, icy…wintery! On the other hand it’s been nice to pull out my capris and wear them comfortably and it’s nice enough Jimmy can get some play time in the yard and run some energy out.

We hit week 11…wait, what…I mean 24 today and that means CORN. Which brings to mind the corn chowder recipe I tried recently and didn’t like. I took it to my mom’s where it got rave reviews…leading me to believe that I just don’t like corn chowder. It looked so good when The Pioneer Woman was making it though! Elote (corn), not in soup form, is a big hit in my house though which makes it perfect that The Niño’s progress is represented by it this week. As has become a recent trend in this particular post – I’ll also post the “cooler” graphic from that other website. I can’t believe I’m already 5 months pregnant!
The Niño at Week 24 - Corny

Week 24 - Fruity

The Niño must have grown a lot in the past two weeks because I’ve grown a lot…at least that’s what the scale said. Reality blurred for a minute when what the scale said actually registered in my slightly smaller brain (all auxiliary power is diverted to the baby these days – brain functions such as memory, motor skills and speech are significantly less important apparently). If I read it right I’ve gained 6 pounds in 2 weeks…can’t be right. But if it is it HAS to be because The Niño has gotten so much bigger!

He’s moving a lot more these days and I think he’s trying to make up for lost time. We can feel and see his kicks on the outside now and it’s a lot of fun to lay around and wait for the next little poke or kick. Sometime I try to figure out if he’s still breech or head down now but I really couldn’t tell you which pokes are hands and which ones are feet! Yesterday I drank a small mocha java smoothie on the train. Then by the time I got to my stop my bladder was approximately 12 sizes larger than normal and acting as a springboard for The Niño. One of THE most uncomfortable feelings in the universe. I still had to wait 15 minutes for my ride and then 5 more minutes to the sitters where I stopped for a quick hello kiss for Jimmy and then rushed to the bathroom. I sincerely believe I witnessed a small miracle yesterday in that I didn’t pee my pants...me, the girl that pees her pants a little just thinking about peeing her pants. I believe that puts me in the running for sainthood. Or do you have to perform a miracle? Well, either way I performed it and witnessed it…Saint Pepper has a nice ring…I still prefer Dr. Pepper.

Another comparison picture coming up in two weeks – here’s my corny Week 24 picture.

Mamma @ Week 24

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