Wednesday, February 22, 2012

La Esquina de Jimmy (Jimmy's Corner)

We have such a sweet little boy but he’s such a boy’s boy. I can’t really say man’s man yet can I? Here is an example of what I mean – I keep a hammer in Jimmy’s room. I’m positive that means I’m an exemplary Mamma. His room doubles as the office and for some reason I used a hammer in there and then never took it out. His room is FULL of toys and other things to get into but he always gravitates towards the hammer and wants to hold it and play with it. I finally did the logical thing and hid it in a banker box (instead of removing it) and that solved that problem for awhile. Until he found it. Now when we’re in his room/the office he heads toward that banker box sooner or later to find the hammer.

But along with his love of hammers and all things tools he’s also quick to defend himself when a threat, real or imagined, arises. Sure, he’s a baby still and he gets scared of things he’s not familiar with but mostly he’s ready to strike at a moment’s notice…no matter how big you are.

We’ve gotten a couple of “bad” reports from the sitter recently about Jimmy fighting. :GASP: A couple of weeks ago he was fighting with a little girl that is about 3 yrs old and they both ended up with scratches on their faces. I honestly don’t even remember what they were fighting about. Earlier this week another mom complained because her little boy had a scratch on his face.

This is what went down:

The two little boys were sitting on the floor. Gabi, 2 yrs old, started kicking Jimmy in the leg. Gabi is a cute little boy and not very aggressive so I imagine he was just picking on Jimmy on not really trying to hurt him or anything. But you don’t mess with Jimmy like that. Ain’t happening! Jimmy got up, walked over and hit him in the face. I can’t help but laugh at picturing that scenario and I can totally believe it happened! Ahem. But we don’t condone fighting! Although this was technically self defense.

Yesterday though? No excuse! He finished eating his Cheetos and went around to each kid and took one out of their bags and either took a bite out of it or ground it up on the floor!! Little stinker! I’m surprised that didn’t end in a rumble…you don’t take another kids Cheetos. That ain’t right!

When we pick him up its really too late to get onto him about it since he doesn’t remember doing it but I hope that over the course of his childhood that we’re able to instill in him that fighting should be a last resort and that picking on other kids and stealing their Cheetos is just plain wrong.

You know what though - even though we have our hands full with this one sometimes - I'm so happy that he is so strong willed.  It might cause a little extra work for us as parents and for him to learn to control but I think it will serve him well in life.

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