Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What A Day! - Week 21

My brain feels tired today and I’ve barely started the day. We sat and waited for three different trains that never showed up. Then when one finally did show up I kissed my boys good bye and ran to get on, got called a “whore” by a homeless lady and then discovered that every car of the train was packed like sardines. So I became a pregnant sardine on the middle car. If you know me at all you know that I’m not good with this whole balance yourself on two legs thing…on solid ground. So I ended up accidentally groping two different girls in my mad grabs for a pole to hold on to.

I was thinking in a perfect, polite society that you would never see men sitting on a crowded train while ladies – especially pregnant ones – are left standing in aisles swaying this way and that…I actually made it sound a lot more graceful than the mad clutches at the pole were.

Then when one nice lady got out of her seat to prepare to exit at the next stop I made my way to it and then threw my phone into her purse. No joke! She was looking around the floor for it and I had to tell her to look in her purse!! So embarrassing!

Maybe that’s why I feel worn out already and its only 9.

I feel like I don’t post enough updates about Jimmy and what he’s doing these days. I re-read an update post I wrote in August and almost cried because of all the sweet things he was doing then (including the poop up his back) and I’ve already almost forgotten all of those things. I’m so glad I wrote them down and it made me realize that I need to write more often about what he’s in to and doing. I do find it really hard to do though because some of these things are really hard to describe and I feel that I won’t do them justice. But I’m still going to make an effort. I don’t promise any set schedule of updates but maybe later on today or perhaps this week I’ll write one that’s dedicated to Jimmy and Jimmy alone. I will tell you that boy makes my heart smile…and melt. All at the same time.

I need to wrap this up pretty quickly since I’m supposed to be working. It’s actually an exciting time in work-land this week. We’re upgrading software…we interrupt this blog to work on nothing for 4 hours…yep, it’s now 1pm and I’m still exhausted and have accomplished nothing.

I’ll wrap this up quickly by telling you that we’ve made it to 21 weeks today and the Lil Nińo is approximately the length of a carrot. I didn’t measure myself this week so I’m still 42 inches around…in my head. No, my head isn’t 42 inches around…never mind.

Lil Nińo at Week 21

Mamma @ Week 21


  1. You're over half way there now!

  2. No matter how exhausted, frustrated or otherwise that you are, you make your stories so funny and interesting!


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