Thursday, March 15, 2012

Baby Stuff

This is a post of random baby stuff but I didn’t really think it was exactly Junk Drawer worthy. I have heartburn.

Good Idea

As I mentioned in one of my last posts I haven’t bought any diapers yet. I always tell myself that I’m going to buy a pack every payday and then I never do. Although I stare at them in the diaper aisle for several minutes every time I’m at the store. I think I’m just in denial that 36 newborn diapers really do cost $9.97. I spend $13.97 for 70 size 5 diapers for Jimmy. They aren’t Pampers Dry Max though and I know that make all the difference.

I didn’t like Parents Choice in the newborn diapers and didn’t really start using them until around size 4. I’m still pretty adamant that I’m going to use Pampers for The Nino unless they just absolutely don’t fit his body right. I just really like the softer diapers for really new delicate skin and they really just seem to fit better. The wetness indicator strip is pretty handy too.

OMG this heartburn is a killer.

Anyway, I recently read about a really great idea. Get a gift card and add money to it every payday or whenever you can and then you’ll be ready to buy as many diapers as you need to…when you need them. Another benefit is that you’ll have a little stash for baby things you forgot about…like gripe water…which is vitally important for everyone’s sanity after the baby is born but seems stupid before.

I was thinking of doing a Visa pre-paid card so I can use it anywhere but I don’t even know where to get one and I don’t want a monthly charge on it. Amazon would be good but I don’t want to have to wait on shipping if it need it now. Target is my favorite store but Wal Mart has better prices on baby essentials. So I think I’ll go with Wal Mart.


I was thinking today that while these pregnancies have been very different neither of them have been bad (UTI aside). I’m only 26 weeks into this one and anything can happen in the next 14 weeks but up to this point its been okay. I’ll break it down for you.

No morning sickness
Lots of heartburn
Huge cankles (21 weeks on)
Bad hemorrhoids (sorry…tmi)
Perfect blood pressure until Week 36
PUPPPs (around 30/31 weeks)
Bed rest for 2 weeks
Labor Induction at almost 38 weeks     

The Nino:

Lots of Morning sickness
Mild, sporadic heartburn (except for today)
1 instance of 1 swollen cankle at Week 23
Not so bad hemorrhoids (again…tmi)
High blood pressure from the beginning

The rest will remain to be seen.

100 Days

My cousin @MandiNicole is getting married this year and she just posted today that the 100 day countdown to 6/23/12 begins today. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uhhhhh…this one is due before 6/23/12. That means there are 96 days until his due date…if we make it to the due date!!! Less than 100 days!!!!!!

To freak myself out even more I just counted the paydays and there are only 6 more between now and then! 6!!!

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  1. I like the idea of buying the gift cards or a Visa Card. I just bought a package of diapers each payday when I was pregnant and that seemed to help a ton! Seems like you mostly use 2's, 3's and 4's anyhow so I think I bought one package of newborn, a few of 1's and the rest bigger. I had to exchange a couple packages but that was super easy. I don't think we even finished one package of newborn diapers with Cole but he was nearly 8 1/2 pounds! Just think how much practice you've had these past couple years though? You're a pro now! And luckily you can re-use all of Jimmy's boy stuff! Awesome!


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