Friday, March 2, 2012

Jimmy's Corner – 18 Month Edition

It’s official – Jimmy is 18 months old today!
I don’t think this is just my imagination but it seems that in this past week he has changed a lot.

Tuesday night he was sitting in his highchair, leaned on the tray and talking to me very sincerely and using his hands and eyes to emphasis the sincerity. It was the cutest thing and I’ve never seen him do that before.

Wednesday he was talking to Daddy in the truck on the way home and pointing at things out the window.

Yesterday he was running around chasing the “big kids” when we picked him up from the sitter.  His little run is so cute, he's just learning how to really put on speed and his little legs look like he's wearing 4 diapers or something!

His jibberish has slightly understandable words in it…albeit Spanish ones. He’s just looking more and more like a “little boy” and acting like one too.

It was my intention to spend yesterday evening getting really great pictures and videos of my 18 month old boy. Instead we went to get something to eat and stuffed him full of chicken tenderloins, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, fried okra and applesauce. So you’ll have to settle for pictures of him brushing his teeth in the bathtub. He’s also sporting a scratch he gave himself and a shiner from a run in with a bat (that he also did himself).
Without further ado….Jimmy the big boy!

He loves, loves, loves brushing his teeth and later I'll post a picture of his reaction when I take it away from him...not pretty.

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