Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Junk Drawer - 3/7/12


:yawn: 9 times out of 10 when I’m bored I end up writing a blog post. A lot of my posts are written because I have something to write about but then there are times I just need something to do with this never ending time on my hands. Guess which type this one is.

Name Game
I think we’ve made a little progress in the Name Game. Nothing is decided for sure but we have both agreed on a name we like pretty well. I think our hesitation to commit to it could be a sign though that it’s not The One. Or maybe that we have commitment issues. We keep saying we have plenty of time to decide but we’re on the downhill slide now and time seems to be speeding up. I would love to tell everyone the name we’re thinking of but I don’t want everyone to get attached to it and then we change it at the last minute.

So if you are one of the few that are privy to the name we’re tossing around – I wouldn’t go engraving it on anything yet.

Secret Shout Out

I did a secret shout out to my Lil Bro and new SIL (sister-in-law) in a blog post last week. Hopefully it wasn’t so secretive that they didn’t catch it. Remember this from this post?

We hit week 11…wait, what…I mean 24 today and that means CORN.
My memory is bad…terrible actually…but I didn’t really think I was only on week 11. But someone is!!!!!! That’s right I’m going to be an aunt! I’m so excited! I kept hoping they would get on this ride and they finally did. And get this...

1) her due date is the same as my due date was with Jimmy – 9/18
2) her weeks change on the same day mine do! So as long as I remember to subtract 13 weeks from my current week I’ll always know what week she’s on.

I can’t wait to find out what this little one will be – I’m guessing boy but I probably just have boys on the brain. I’m so excited for my brother to be a dad and for my little boys to have a cousin to play and fight with. And really I’m just excited to be pregnant with my new SIL and get ready for our new babies together.

And now it’s lunch time.

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