Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week 27 – Last Week of the 2nd Trimsester

I made it! It’s the last week of this trimester. The 1st one dragged on forever because of having to keep the secret and the yuck morning sickness. The 2nd one has gone faster but dragged at some points like when we had to wait what seemed like forever to find out if it was a boy or girl. I hope the 3rd one is the fastest of them all. I have a feeling it will since we’re coming up on our really busy time at work. It will take me almost all the way through the last trimester so it has the potential to really fly.

Speaking of the busy season at work – it might interfere with my blog writing. I’ll do my best to keep up with at least one weekly posting on the pregnancy and one on Jimmy but I probably won’t be as prolific as I have been in recent weeks.

I had a midwife appointment on Friday that included my glucose challenge test. Which meant I couldn’t eat sugary things that day and had to fast 2 hours before the blood draw. Then I had to drink an awful orange drink 45 minutes before my appointment. Wouldn’t you know they brought donuts to work that day?? I didn’t risk it though and abstained even though I desperately wanted one!

The appointment went really well. I met with one of the new midwives that I hadn’t seen before and she was really nice. My blood pressure is the best its been this pregnancy. Which is exactly opposite of what my blood pressure did in the last pregnancy. Last time it went from perfect to bad overnight – this time it started out bad and has gradually gotten better which I am so thankful for. I gained 8 lbs in the last month bringing my total weight gain to 13 lbs. I gained something like 47 lbs total with Jimmy so hopefully I don’t gain 34 more pounds between now and delivery! I already feel like a big cow walking around.

I’ll tell you though I haven’t made much effort to curb my indulgences. I got the new pint of Blue Bell Buttered Pecan ice cream out last night after eating two helpings of dinner and only intended to eat a little of it. I ate the whole thing! It sure was delicious though.

The Nino is getting bigger and bigger as the days go by. He moves a lot more than he used to but he’s still pretty laid back. He’s getting big enough that leaning on my desk irritates him and he pushes back against it. He should be about 2 lbs now and 14.5”. And the vegetable of the week is cauliflower!

Week 27 - The Nino is as heavy as cauliflower

I measured my belly last night after dinner and dessert and wasn’t shocked to see that I’m now 45 inches around. That’s 1 ¼ “ in a week. I’m sure the pint of ice cream didn’t help. Here is my last belly picture of the 2nd trimester.

Mamma @ Week 27

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