Monday, March 12, 2012


I like to be organized. I really like it. It doesn’t happen very often and on the rare occasion that I do manage to get organized it only lasts a hot second. Life is too complicated to stay organized for long. Don’t get me started on my silverware drawer. I want to dump all the contents in the trash and start over. Not to mention it’s not actually silverware. Which doesn’t really bother me so much as the jumbled mess.

The point of that ramble was to tell you that I’m in the process of re-organizing my blog(s) because this is probably the one area that I have something approaching complete control over. And no one tries to put a fork in the spoon slot or a big spoon in the little spoon slot. I’ve mentioned my “Pages” on this blog before. One of them is the Belly to Baby page where I post all of my belly pictures. I think it’s a handy feature but I wish it were even more versatile than it is. I wish I could use those Pages for blog posts and then I could group my posts together – like all of the Jimmy’s Corners or the Junk Drawers and so on. Unfortunately the Pages aren’t that versatile. After stumbling across someone elses blog last week in a moment of boredom I discovered a new way to organize!

I’m going to give it a shot and the point of this post is to lay it out for you my dear readers family, friends and occasional stranger.

I’ve created a new blog titled Jimmy’s Corner. It will hold all posts dedicated soley to Jimmy. Once the new baby arrives there will be a new blog dedicated soley to him. Anticpating Jimmy will eventually get a name change but will continue to be my main blog where I write my Junk Drawer posts, pregnancy posts and life with two boys posts.

Hope this isn’t too complicated so far.

I will not be sending emails for those new posts from the new blogs. I will however update Anticipating Jimmy when a new post is published on Jimmy’s Corner with a link. I really like this idea and hope it catches on – I like being able to have all of Jimmy’s posts in one spot and not have to hunt for each one. I hope its reader friendly as well. I do want your feedback though. If you like something let me know, if you don’t like something let me know…if you have a suggestion or idea…LET ME KNOW! I’ll take it under advisement. ;-)

There are currently no new Jimmy’s Corner posts but here is the link for that blog so you can check it out....Jimmy's Corner.


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