Tuesday, March 6, 2012


43 ¾ inches is very big apparently. Yesterday I got on the shuttle for the short ride (long walk) from the train to work and another lady was on the shuttle too. Not an employee, just a random lady wanting a ride to her Dr’s appointment. Anyway, she asked how the baby was doing and I said “fine”. Then she wanted to know when he was due and I said “June”. And then it happened. :shocked gasp:Twins??

It didn’t even offend me. It just reaffirmed my feeling especially huge lately.

Going to get another candy bar…gotta try to make up that last ¼ inch to bump me up to 44 inches.


  1. 44 inches or 44 cm? I've been thinking about that? lol

  2. LOL 44 inches...around. I'm still only 20 something cm for fundal height. Thank God he's not THAT big!


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