Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jimmy's Corner

Mercedes & Jimmy - wearing her new glasses
It’s been an interesting and informative week in Jimmy World and we’re only 3 days in! Most of the excitement happened on Monday though. You might want to skip this part if you have a weak stomach. He has a little cough that started over the weekend and Sunday night he coughed quite a bit. Since he had his 18 month checkup Monday morning we got to sleep in a little but he was raring to go at 6:30! So I brought him to our bed and he drank his morning sippy cup of milk and then bounced around the bed having a grand time. Rolling around and wrestling the pillows and then running from one end to the other. Then he sat down next to me and puked curdled milk. I could see what was about to happen so I grabbed the towel laying close by and tried to hold it close to his mouth but for some reason that irritates him so much and he pushed it away. I guess he was also trying to get away because he stood up and proceeded to puke a few more times, whimpering in between each time. The last time we had to laugh because I was trying, futilely, to hold the towel up again and he shoved it away saying something that sounded an awful lot like “STOP IT!”

We got his pjs off, the comforter and sheets off the bed really quickly and then into the tub for Jimmy.

Grandpa & Jimmy - Bath time at Grannie's
At his checkup the Dr proclaimed him to be perfect! She didn’t even rub it in about how she was right about all of his 1 yr molars coming in by 18 months…but she didn’t really know I was questioning her pediatric psychic ability either. And she made another prediction…she said his upper right canine would be the next tooth to come in. So we’ll see if she can get it right two times in a row.

His stats are 31 ¾ inches and 23 lbs and 10 oz. He gained exactly 1 pound since his 15 month visit and grew 1 ¼ inches! No wonder all of his pants are too short! He still has a big head though. I guess he’s still retaining the piece of my brain that I donated to him while incubating him in my womb. I probably shouldn’t have any more kids…I can’t afford to lose anymore brains.

He got two shots, one in each leg, and did really well although he did cry a little with each one. The good news though is that we’re caught up vaccine wise until his 4 year checkup! He got a blue camo bandaid on each leg and didn’t see them again until we were undressing him for bed. Then Daddy asked him what the bandaids were and he looked at them and started crying, not full on crying but he was upset, and he wouldn’t let us touch his legs while he was watching. I don’t think they were actually sore because I poked and squeezed on them while he wasn’t really paying attention and it never phased him. But I think he did remember what happened to him and why he got the bandaids! That’s the first time he’s remembered so that was neat to see.

Enjoying his very first "dum dum"

He’s such a good baby…I mean big boy…and he’s changing so much and so often.

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  1. Ahhh, so many small changes that add up to a little boy!! He's so precious and a bundle of joy in our home. I can only imagine two! :)


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