Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Junk Drawer - 3/28/2012

Want to hear something sad?

I just peed my pants and I didn't even know it.  Sure am glad I'm wearing my white pants...cause yellow doesn't clash with that at all!

Something Else Sad

My left gold sandal can barely contain the awesomeness that is my left cankle.  You could call me The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  But only if you substituted Hunchback with Clubfoot and Notre Dame with Texas.

Sore Belly/Crotch

I had to run from the shuttle to the train yesterday.  Like full out pregnant sprint.  I almost broke both (c)ankles and ended up having the worst case of Sore Belly/Crotch the rest of the night.  Actually I still have a bad case of it.


Not Lent - I don't celebrate or observe that - whichever word is appropriate.  Thankfully its not part of my religious beliefs because if it were I think I would be an even worse Christian than I already am.  Give something up for 40 days? Huh!

I digress.  I’m talking about belly button lint. Girls don’t get that. At least none of the girls I know. I also don’t have a belly button anymore. It’s a weird misshapen thing in the middle of my belly – it’s 1/3 innie, 1/3 outie and 1/3 flat. If I were going to get lint it would just roll down the mountain.

No, I don’t have belly button lint. I have cleavage lint. What?? How?? I don’t carry my wallet, phone, Kleenex, money, hanky, snacks or anything else there so where on earth is this lint coming from? Its really gross.


  1. Maybe you should wear a scarf. It could serve as sort of a roof to keep out the lint?

  2. I wore a scarf most of the winter and you know I don't remember having much lint. You may be onto something! LOL


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